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June 14, 2017

Feeling Anxious?

   Fewer and fewer companies are selling at attractive prices.  One half the stocks on our watch list need to decline by 15% to 25% before we would buy them.

   Charts tell a story.  The S&P 500 price-earnings chart shows those stocks to be 73% higher than their average.  Only twice before were they higher. . . in 1929 and in 1999. 

       As a Registered Investment Advisor, Just Plans Etc. has a fiduciary duty to protect the interests of each of the firm's clients and to place the client's interests first and foremost in every situation.

This includes providing full and fair disclosure of all relevant facts and any potential or actual conflicts of interest, a duty of loyalty and good faith, providing recommendations that are suitable, and seeking best execution of client transactions.

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   Slower growth: from 1980 to 2000 growth was at 3%:  from 2000 to today, 2%.

The Q Ratio was at 1.61 in 2000.  It was at 1.05 today.  The average since 1900 was 0.71.  In 1900 you could buy the average company for 71 cents on the dollar.  In 2000 you spent $1.61 to buy a stock that cost $1.00 to replace.

   We want to make money, but it is more important not to lose it.  As the stocks we own become fully valued we will sell




   Another story:  The price-to-sales ratio [Buffett Indicator]: Divide the market value of all stocks by our Gross Domestic Product.  The chart spiked going into 1999 rising from 61% to 151% in 5 years.  Then it fell back to 62% 3 years later.  We are at 125% today.


them.  And if we find ourselves holding more than usual levels of cash, so be it.



Why Use An Advisor?

     Because some people don't have the time, interest, or ability to do it themselves.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the multitude of alternatives one is confronted.  If not at age 30, then certainly by age 60, the #1 concern is having an adequate retirement income. Retirement income can only be provided by setting money aside ahead of time and investing it wisely.

We work with you to identify and quantify your objectives.  Once personal and financial information has been gathered, goals are established and constraints identified.  It is important that expectations be realistic. Investments are based on what is needed to reach your goals, taking into consideration your ability to tolerate market volatility.

When we manage your investments, the accounts are 100% discretionary. We may allocate portfolio assets to stocks, exchange traded and traditional mutual funds, separate accounts, CDs and Treasuries. Monthly statements are provided by the custodian. We provide quarterly performance reports and are available for personal reviews.



     In 1982 Just Plans was formed to provide investments for retirement plans, and to provide financial counseling to business owners and retirement plan participants.

In 1991 Just Plans shifted from a commission based firm to one based on a fee. Initially, clients okayed each trade; now trades are made at our discretion. Initially we exclusively used no load mutual funds held at Charles Schwab & Co; now we use all types of investments, but focus on individual stocks, exchange traded and traditional mutual funds.


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